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  • The Observation Tower at the Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Interior of the Annunciation Church in Chojnice
  • The Old Market Square in Chojnice – a View to the Town Hall, the Annunciation Church and the Basilica
  • The Mechanical Auroch at the Człuchowska Tower
  • Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • The Virgin at the Fountain in the Old Market Square in Chojnice
  • A Clearing at the Historic Oak "Bartuś"
  • Canoes in Swornegacie
  • The Steering Wheel over the Entrance to the Tavern in Małe Swornegacie
  • The Entrance to the Minor Basilica in Chojnice
  • The Didactic Path over Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • A Hut in Nierostowo in Winter
  • Konarzyny in Winter
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • The Street Theatre Festival – "Chojnice Fiesta"
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Powiat Chojnicki

Promocja Regionu Chojnickiego
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Kashubian Route -BLACK ROUTE

Your location? (street, city, country):
Konarzyny – (3,2 km) Żychce – (6,8 km) Nowa Karczma – (8,2 km) Kiełpin – (10,4 km) Binduga – (12,7 km)
Nierostowo – (16,2 km) Zielona Chocina – (19,9 km) Jonki – (25,9 km) Zielona Huta – (28,2 km) Chociński Młyn –
(30,7 km) Konarzynki – (32,6 km) Konarzyny
Level of difficultyaverage
Time to cover – about 4 hours
The route starts at the main crossroads in Konarzyny, near the church of Sts. Peter and Paul the Apostles.
Konarzyny – a commune village in the
district of Chojnice. In 1275 Stanoch Malowy,
a nobleman, lived here. He belonged to ducal
troops, and his son, Mirosław, was granted
by Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights
a document proving his rights to the land that
their ancestors had possessed for centuries. It
was the influential family of Konarski, who gave
the name to the village of Konarzyny. Stanoch
Malowy and Myslibous Malowy de Choynicz,
together with the castellan of Szczytno, marked
the boundaries of the properties belonging to
the Order of St. Augustine. The document stating
the boundaries of the monastery land mentioned the name of the settlement belonging to Myslibous
Konarin. Within the following centuries, the name was changed many times, and so, in the location
document it was Cunerzin, and later Konarzyn. The name derives from ‘konary’ or ‘koniuchy,’ which
denoted people guarding the royal stables. Within the period of 1772-1920, the village of Konarzyny
was included into the terrain of the Prussian partition, in 1920 the locality was back within the Polish
borders, as a borderland village. The former church of Sts. Peter and Paul the Apostles was mentioned
in 1326, the present Baroque one comes from 1731. In the interior of the church, the Baroque decorations
have been preserved. Near the church, an over 700-year-old oak tree is growing. The Regional Chamber,
arranged in a Kashubian chëcz (cottage) comes from the second half of the 19th century.
We go along Szeroka street, and at the end of the village we see a paved bicycle path at its left side.
Near the crossroads with the road leading to Żychckie Osady for about 300 metres we go along an
asphalt road, and then along a rubble bicycle path. We reach the village of Żychce, where the path
finishes for good, and from now on, we will go along an asphalt local road of small traffic intensity.
In Żychce we pass the bank of the Życheckie lake and a historic park. We go through the settlements
of Rowista and Nowa Karczma, and then along the bank of the Kiełpińskie Lake, to Kiełpin. Next,
the road going through a forest leads us to Binduga, where we cross the Chocina river. We pass
Nierostowo, picturesquely located at the edge of a forest. The road meanders along the edging of
meadows by the Chocina river. We reach the road no. 212 Bytów – Chojnice and we go along the
road for about 500 m, we should be careful about the intense traffic. In Zielona Chocina we turn into
a dirt road, we pass the lakes of Wielkie and Małe Zielone, as
well as the settlements of Jonki and Dzięgiel, located on the
Chocina river and the small lake of Pieczonko.
We cross the Chocina river near the settlement of Niepszczołąg.
We go along the river, partially through a forest
and partially among fields. At the border of Zielona Huta we
go into a forest and then we reach the road no 236 Brusy –
Konarzynki, where we meet the yellow route Charzykowy
– Czersk. We go parallel to the road, along a dirt bicycle
path at the left side of the road. At the border of the
Konarzyny commune we leave the forest and the surface
of our path changes into cobble paving, we join the black
route. We cross the road Chojnice – Bytów and go through
Konarzynki. There is a grange complex with a mansion
house from the turn of the 19th and the 20th century.
Along Szkolna street, we get to the centre of Konarzyny,
where we make a loop and finish our route.

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