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  • The Observation Tower at the Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Marina in Charzykowy
  • The Interior of the Annunciation Church in Chojnice
  • The Old Market Square in Chojnice – a View to the Town Hall, the Annunciation Church and the Basilica
  • The Mechanical Auroch at the Człuchowska Tower
  • Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • The Virgin at the Fountain in the Old Market Square in Chojnice
  • A Clearing at the Historic Oak "Bartuś"
  • Canoes in Swornegacie
  • The Steering Wheel over the Entrance to the Tavern in Małe Swornegacie
  • The Entrance to the Minor Basilica in Chojnice
  • The Didactic Path over Lake Jeleń in the Tuchola Woods National Park
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • A Hut in Nierostowo in Winter
  • Konarzyny in Winter
  • Winter in the Tuchola Woods
  • The Street Theatre Festival – "Chojnice Fiesta"
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Swornegacie "The Chocina Route" (local)

Swornegacie "The Chocina Route" (local)
Itinerary: one-day trip from the village of Zielona Huta to Swornegacie.

Description:The left bank tributary of Brda river, which is 45 km long, starts in the northern part of Chojnice county, near Wierzchocin, crosses Wieczywno lake and ends in Karsińskie lake.
Crossing the Chociny trail takes around2 days.The picturesque trail is rather easy, but the necessity to carry the kayak now and then may be annoying.
The starting point of the trail may for example be in Osusznica stream, near the bus stop in Owśne Ostrowy on Chojnice - Bytów road.


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